von Hildegard-Bleick-Haus Frauenwohnheim

Weihnachtsfeier Hildegard Bleick Haus

The King has come!

The birth of Christ should be always at the core of our Christmas celebrations. We love the lights, decorations, the warm atmosphere, the people gathering around in Weihnachtsmärkte and around the table but our full attention should be given to the helpless babe in the manger, who left the glory of the Most High to humble himself and take a human form. Ready to grow and go through all the hardship of living in a controlled and occupied Land, to feel the human daily needs and pains, Jesus chose to give His life to save us. And that ist the greatest story ever!

But don´t get me wrong! I am not legalistic! Please enjoy puting up a star or an angel on top of your tree, buy presents for your loved ones , and why not, surprise also strangers with gifts, give with joy and for ALL things give God the Glory!

Please enjoy some fotos and videos of our celebration in Hildegard-Bleick-Haus, Wiesbaden: Frauenwohnheim der Heilsarmee. Pastor Nick Howard of IBC Immanuel Baptist Church, Wiesbaden, thank you for the wonderful message!

Yours, Alexandra Mare