von Hildegard-Bleick-Haus Frauenwohnheim

Pfingstgottesdienst und Brunch

Er fragte mich: Menschensohn, können diese Gebeine wieder lebendig werden? Ich antwortete: Herr und Gott, das weißt nur du. Das Buch Ezechiel, Kapitel 37

It must have been the week of the Valley of the dry bones! Twice this week I heard messages from this text in two different locations 100 km apart and having no personal connection whatsoever. So I am asking myself: What does the Lord want to tell me with that? I am dry like those bones or should I be aware of not becoming like that? Or is it maybe: " There is hope for those who feel like there is no escape and no future??? For those who feel dead inside?

Pastor Nick hat chosen the latter and tried to motivate all the ladies in the service to just trust God working in their lives, to let Him do miraculous works because HE CAN! Our Lord can make a powerful army out of dry, lifeless bones!
What a wonderful message to hear! What an encouragement for those who feel they have no drive or motivation, nor the energy to take a step further! Thank you Brother Nick for these wonderful words!

A big thank you to all the ladies that brought delicious food for the brunch and gave their time as an sweet offering to the Lord and to The women in Hildegard Bleick Haus!

May the Lord bless you and keep you and give you back 1000 fold!

Ihre Alexandra Mare