von Hildegard-Bleick-Haus Frauenwohnheim

Besuch Territorial Commanders Cedric und Lyn Hills

Great leaders looking for their flock!

Today we had the great honor to receive the vistit of the Territorial Commanders Cedric und Lynn Hill. They were accompanied by their translator , Ms. Ambrosius. It was the first time visiting the Hildegard Bleick Hildegard-Bleick-Haus and they wished to know about what do we provide for the women here and how is it going. We showed them arround, we talked about the stumbling blocks of the new economical era and about the blessing that our Lord pours upon us.

The commanders met some of our staff but also ladies that used to live in our shelter but now they have their own apartament. After prayer and over some delicious food we were able to share stories and get to know eachother better.

What a blessing to have caring leaders who do not only want to know what and how much do you do for Salvation Army but also how can they be of service. It is always uplifting to know you can apeal for counsel and their door would be opened for you!
Esteemed Commanders Oberst Cedric und Lynn Hill, thank you for visiting us and showing us interest and love.


Alexandra Mare